Beachcomber Mystery 2022

 Beachcomber Mystery Challenge

Hosted By: Rick Mills
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Dates: Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2022

Challenge Detail Summary:
Complete the set of four beach bags as you read mysteries.  
4 Wild Cards are allowed to replace hard-to-find items. Wild Cards may be used on any cards.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT ~ Read at your own risk

ALL 4 Beachbags Completed  (figured out how to disperse each item to fill all prompts)
April 2022 

Letter to occur anywhere in the weapon.
You are not limited to author's exact word. For example, "handgun" may be 
substituted for "pistol".

A ~ Axe
B ~ Bayonet
C ~ Arsenic
D ~ Dart
E ~ Knife
F ~ Rifle
G ~ Dagger
H ~ Hand Granade
I ~ Fire
J ~ Jump off bridge
K ~ Killing Curse
L ~ Pistol
M ~ Locomotive
N ~ Cane
O ~ Flint Lock
P ~ Poison
Q ~ Quarter Staff
R ~ Spear
S ~ Saber
T ~ Train
U ~ Curse
V ~ Vial of Poison
W ~ Sword
X ~ Explosive
Y OR Z ~ Cyanide
Letter to occur anywhere in the crime scene. You are not limited to author's exact word. For example, "forest" may be substituted for "woods".
A ~ Attic
B ~ Beach
C ~ Campground
D ~ Diner
E ~ Ocean
F ~ Cafe
G ~ Garden
H ~ Hogwarts
I ~ Hospital
J ~ Private Jet
K ~ Kitchen
L ~ Library
M ~ Museum
N ~ Nursing Home
O ~ Office
P ~ Parking Garage
Q ~ Quite Motel
R ~ River
S ~ Swimming Pool
T ~ National Park
U ~ Storage Unit
V ~ Reservoir
W ~ Woods
X or Y ~ Ally
Z ~ Azkaban
Letter to occur anywhere in the detective's name.
Titles do not count - Inspector Clouseau can be used for "A", but not for "T".
You can use any character in a detective role, not necessarily an official detective. 

A ~ Carlotta  
B ~ Abbie
C ~ Rico
D ~ Dottie
E ~ Stanley
F ~ Cooper Craft
G ~ Reggie
H ~ Mae Hiener-West
I ~ Tai 
J ~ Jacob
K ~ Jack 
L ~ Kelvin 
M ~ Tom 
N ~ Dante Charmichael
O ~ John 
P OR Q ~ Hank Sharp
R ~ Edwin MacAlister
S ~ Rosie
T ~ Hamlet
U ~ Turner
V ~ Trey Seaver
W ~ Wesley 
X OR Y ~ Delaney  
Y ~ Harley 
Z ~ Elizabeth 


VICTIMS ~ Completed 1/8/22

Letter to occur anywhere in the victim's name.
Victims must be dead.

A ~ Mrs. Abbott 
B ~ Emmeline Bones
C ~ Florean Fortescue
D ~ Fred Starrow
E ~ Cookie
F ~ Morfin Gaunt
G ~ Aragog
H ~ Hepzibah Smith
I ~ Gibbon
J ~ James Potter
K ~ Igor Karkaroff
L ~ Mrs. Randall
M ~ Amelia Bones
N ~ Angela Ashford
O ~ Joe
P or Q ~ Paul West
R ~ Patrick Foreman
S ~ Lisa Bolton
T ~ Montgomery
U ~ Albus Dumbledore
V ~ Marvolo Gaunt
W ~ Nancy Starrow
X ~ Grady Cox
Y ~ Lily Potter
Z ~ Mr. Cozy

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  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge! Nice job!


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My Rating System

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